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PACS is dedicated to promoting the sport of pool at all amateur skill levels

PACS is dedicated to administering a nonprofit organization for the players, by the players, and to ensure that all players are treated equally and fairly

In 2004, the Billiard Congress of America (BCA), sold their league system to a private individual who obtained the rights to use the call letters bca in his league name bca pool league (BCAPL). However, the letters bca do not stand for anything. The Billiard Congress of America wanted to place their focus on the publishing of the World Standardized Rule Book and the production of their annual trade show. This is their main objective.

John Lewis, who ran the BCA/ACS National league systems for 25 years, was hired by disillusioned former Billiard Congress of America league operators to form American CueSports Alliance (ACS), which wanted to continue the “Billiard Congress of America” standard with more attention on the players.  We are a national organization which follows the same guidelines and rules as the Billiard Congress of America had.  Pacific American CueSports (PACS), is our Regional Association that is run for the players, by the players. We currently have leagues in Portland, Longview and Vancouver. The PACS Regional Championships are annually conducted in the Spring at Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, OR. The ACS National Championships are conducted at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on The Strip every  mid-May.

In response to a growing number of concerns and comments from players as to the health of our sport, which we all love, we are in the process of implementing “Dual Sanctioning” of individual players.

What this means is:

1.      That if you are currently playing in a league, whether it be a National league or a City league, you may “Dual Sanction” with the ACS/PACS simply by providing PACS with a “Dual Sanction” application along with $20 ($10 for the Association, and $10 for a processing fee). The Dual Sanction form is available on the PACS website at PacificACS.org

2.      Each “Dual Sanctioned” individual player would be responsible for providing the Association with a league standing sheet displaying individual player performance every week via email to prove the player has played a minimum of 8 weeks in one session in order to qualify for the Regional PACS tournament. However, Individual Dual Sanctioning does not qualify you for the ACS National Tournament.

3.      These players will be listed separately as Pacific American CueSports “Dual Sanction” players. If two players from the same team within a league are playing in “Dual Sanctioned” together, this would give you the two person core for putting together a team for the Regional Tournament.

4.      If you do not have two players from the same team, you would be eligible to be picked up by other teams within the Pacific American CueSports league system.

Our Goal is to accommodate those players who cannot play 3 or 4 nights a week, or those who have families and do not want to play that many nights a week. This way you can play one league and be qualified to attend tournaments in several organizations. This will work if we all work together and do our due diligence to make sure that we take responsibility to ensure that we follow the guidelines.  For more information contact PACS  Secretary, Judy Griffith, (360) 892-7454, or email her at shordunski@aol.com. She will be glad to answer any questions you may have in this regard.



Individual Dual Sanction Form