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Pacific ACS 9th Annual Regional Championship

This year the Pacific ACS players were blown by the winds, Chinook Winds Casino and Resort. All pool players in the Northwest are familiar with this long time champion venue for pool tournaments. The experienced, skilled, friendly and responsive staff making events there a great experience for the players no matter where they are in the facility and we thank them for hosting our regional championship this year. We were also blessed with some fantastic spring weather on the coast with temperatures up to 88 degrees for those not sweating it out on the tables. A special thanks to Karen Brown of Harrisburg OR who managed the boards for us during the event.

Advanced Scotch found 5 teams in a round robin ending with Jason Marcoulier and Jan Aust of Bend OR tied with Steve Peterson and Deb McDonald tied with 21 wins. But Steve and Deb had bested them when they played giving them the win with Paul Marquez and Becky Mowdy out of the money with 20 wins. In the open scotch it came down to Jay Collins and Connie Carlson winning the point race by defeating George Colon and Denise White. But Joe Parkinson and Eunice Sleight wanted another shot at Jay and Connie to avenge an earlier loss and bested George and Denice setting up the rematch. Jay and Connie ended that dream by taking the first finals match.

Thursday means 9 ball singles. Four advanced women [Jan Aust, Kathi Giles, Karla Bagley and Becky Mowdy] played a round robin with Becky taking first and Kathi second. Seven advanced men played with Marlon Oliveras taking the point and Aaron White coming back from the point race on fire to take the first final and continued on to win the event. The women’s open was a spirited contest with mother and daughter playing for the point; Niki Phillipi vs Naomi Cannard. Naomi bested her mother who ran into Connie Carlson in the semi. Connie gave it her best but Naomi came to win in her return to competitive pool now that her second child has settled in at home. The men’s open 9 ball found Joe Evinger and Eddie Chastain playing for the point and Joe winning the battle. That put Eddie against Doug McMullin in the semi but Eddie was not going to get a shot at Joe again. Doug took control and beat Joe in the first round and at about 2 am Doug finished the match.

Eightball singles saw Carol Edwards join the other Advanced women in a round robin finding Becky Mowdy winning against all with Jan Aust getting her only loss to Becky to take second. The Advance men, with 9 in the bracket, found Steve Peterson and Paul Marquez playing for the point and Steve being sent to the semi. Steve found himself facing Aaron White who had been sent to the B side by Steve in the first round. Aaron had warmed up since the morning match and moved on to Paul besting him in the first set. Aaron continued his red hot streak into the next round when Paul through in the towel.     

The women’s 8 ball found Eva Hill and Denice White playing for the point and Eva sent Denice to the semi against Becky Way. Becky had lost her first round match and worked her way all the way to the finals but could not deny Eva the win. In the men’s open 8 ball the tone had been set early by Jay Collins as he was upset by a situation that had occurred the day before when he forfeited out of the Open Men’s 9 ball. Rumors flew that he did that to stay an open player. The truth was much different but sometimes pool players are quick to jump to conclusions, especially about players who are strong players that have been rated as an Advance or Master player in the past. So Jay set out to make a statement on the table that he doesn’t quit without a good reason. Jay did just that but it was not an easy situation especially when he got to the point race. Brian Knapp had his own plan and early on he had the advantage. The match went long and Jay had to dig himself out of a hole by winning three in a row but took the point. This was an indication of things to come. Brian beat Bill Fuller in the semi to face Jay again winning the first round of the finals. That put the two even with one loss each. Did I mention all these matches went long. Well after 5 hours of play and two hill-hill finals matches Jay and Bill settled the battle at 5 am. Jay left to be at Portland Meadows by 8 to watch the Kentucky Derby with his family. An event organized by his father in law, the man he was helping move around during a slot tournament on the casino floor the night before.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny morning on the beach and players came in energized to play. The point race was between Olympia’s Lost Boys and Longview’s Rodents of the Night who won a hard fought battle. This set up the semi match between the Lost Boys and Honey Badgers who had been put on the B side by the Rodents. The Honey Badgers and the Boys battled hard but found the Badgers getting a shot at revenge on the Rodents and the Badgers got it taking the finals on Sunday. The women’s teams point race was between Couv Cougs and Knaw Kaw Min with the Cougs being sent to the B side. Where the Cet-N-R-Waze team took revenge on the Cougs sending them to the B side. The final Sunday morning zigzagged with Knaw taking the win and the event.


Scotch Advanced: 1st – Steve Peterson/Deb McDonald $500, 2nd - Jason Marcoulier/Jan Aust $230

Scotch Open: 1st – Jay Collins/Connie Carlson $450, 2nd –Joe Parkinson/Eunice Sleight $270, 3rd – George Colon /Denise White $170, 4th – Hodgin/Way, of 12

Advanced Men’s 9 Ball: 1st – Aaron White $450, 2nd – Marlin Olivera $230, 3rd Mike Patterson, 4th Eric Sawyer field of 7.

Advanced Women’s 9 Ball: 1st – Becky Mowdy $260, 2nd – Kathi Giles $100, of 4.

Open men’s 9 Ball: 1st Doug McMullin $425, 2nd – Joe Evinger $290, 3rd – Edward Chastain $175, 4th – Mike Gwinn $110, 5th/6th – Frank Dodge, Jay Collins $75, 7th/8th -  Larry Burnside, Matson Gwinn $50, 9th – 12th Brian Knapp, Larry Beck, Terry Whiteside, Paul Johnson $40 of .

Open women’s 9 Ball: 1st Naomi Cannard $230, 2nd Connie Carlson- $130, 3rd Niki Phillipi- $80, of 13

Advanced Men’s 8 Ball: 1st Aaron White $500, 2nd – Paul Marquez $280, 3rd – Steve Peterson $100, of 9

Advanced Women’s 9 Ball: 1st – Becky Mowdy $300, 2nd – Jan Aust $100, of 5.

Open Men’s 8 Ball: 1st – Jay Collins $480, 2nd – Brian Knapp $300, 3rd – Bill Fuller $200, 4th – Bill Lewis $120, 5th/6th Ed Chastain & Aaron Curti $90, 7th/8th – Chuck Thompson & Wes Hough $70, 9th thru 12th Joe Evinger, Doug Hayes, Ron Cook, Paul Johnson $50, of 48.

Open Women’s 8 Ball: 1st – Eva Hill $300, 2nd – Becky Way $160, 3rd Denice White $80, of 16.

Open Teams: 1st - $1400 Honey Badgers [Bob Zack, John Evans, Russ Hodgin, Aaron Curti], 2nd - $800 Rodents of the Night [Doug McMullin, Bill Fuller, Daniel Schwartz, Paul Marquez, Ernie Bristow] 3rd - $500 Lost Boys [Mike Gwinn, Matson Gwinn, Eric Sawyer, Curby Kirkendall] 4th - $280 Nitehawk Wizards [Eddie Chastain, Bryan Skinner, Vince Mills, Doug Hayes] of 13

Women’s Teams: 1st – $900 Knaw Kaw Mia [Becky Mowdy, Judy Griffith, Denice White, Brandy Phillips] 2nd - $460 Cet-N-R-Waze [Carol Edwards, Julee Barnett, Marie Brenner, Adrienne Myers] 3rd – 260 Couv Cougs [Deb McDonald, Eunice Sleight, Bea Goodenough, Eva Hill] of 7


Brian & Jay