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8th Annual Pacific ACS Regional Championship

The skies were grey and the winds high on the coast of Washington as Pacific ACS held their 8th annual regional championships at Quinault Beach Resort & Casino at Ocean Shores the 2nd through the 6th of May. The first three days were kind of stormy outside which was just fine with the players as a lot of pool needed playing. The staff at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino was great and our players enjoyed their time at the Beach and the great food.

As usual things start off with Scotch Doubles and the introduction of triple elimination in the scotch open was an interesting experiment that most found appealing but also challenging. The Team of Judy Griffith and Ernie Bristow came through as the winners of the A side beating Omar Gravelle and Angie Meyer for the no loss point (4-1). This set up the one loss point race of Aaron Curti and Kari Truvold Vs. Omar and Angie who won (3/2) resulting in the rematch of Griffen/Bristow vs Gravelle/Meyer with Judy and Ernie coming out on top again (4-1) where they waited in the final bracket.  The open finals saw Terry Whiteside and Malynne Myers coming back after their one loss (4/1) to Omar and Angie first thing in the morning and then a loss to Aaron Curti and Kari Turvold (3-0). They then faced Jerry Lawson and Susan Gray winning 3-1, followed by defeating Aaron and Kari 3-1 and then Omar and Angie 3-2 to avenge their earlier losses. This set up Terry and Malynne for the final who were ready to prove they were up to the challenge of winning 3 sets to beat Judy and Ernie. Judy and Ernie lost the first set and almost lost the second set when on the last game of the hill/hill match Terry sank the 8 ball but scratched.

The Advanced scotch was a round robin that came down to the last match between the team of Andrea Saenz-Maes and Sean Gray against Larry Tulfo and his partner leading 29 points to 25 in a race to six. Andrea and Sean needed 3 wins to take first but Tulfo and his partner did not let them get any kind of edge and were up 3 to 0 in no time and went on to win 6 to 1.

Singles Nine Ball

The men’s open 9 ball was a double elimination and found Mark Goodwin work his way through an experienced group. Mark a relative newcomer, showed great skill and patience besting Omar Gravelle (6-2), Doug McMullen (6-5), Nolan Pagdilao (6-3), Glenford Carrido Jr. (6-2) and Bruce Gojetta (6-2). Bruce returned to face Mark in the finals after beating Jun Pagarigan but Mark wanted the win and ended the contest undefeated. Bruce had started by winning against Brain Knapp 6-4, Butch Sodden 6-2, Larry Tulfo (6-3), Jun (6-5) then lost the point race to Mark and beat Jun (5-1) to set up the rematch final. Mark I am sure will continue to develop his skills.

It was a triple elimination for the men’s Advanced division. Justin Lilje started off the day besting Sean Gray (9-6) and then defeated Edmund Carrido (9-8). Justin then got past Marlon Oliveras (9-8) to sit on the no loss point. Eddie started the day defeating Frank Rocha (9-7) but was in the one loss round on the next match against Justin. Then Eddie won his next match against Jeff Jerome (9-4) and then lost to Dan Miller (9-7). This pitted Dan against Marlon who had given him his first loss (9-4) and Marlon won the rematch with Dan (9-5). Justin found himself defeating Marlon again (9-7) putting Justin in the final with no losses. With two losses Eddie Carrido beat Frank Rocha (9-6), then Dan Miller (9-8) and then Marlon (9-3). With two losses Eddie started planning to beat Justin three times. The first match was tight with Eddie coming back  from being down two games squeaking out a 9 to 7 win and then burst through the second round 9-0. The final set was a battled with Justin coming up short 9-6.

In the women’s open Kathi Giles finally had her week at a Pacific ACS Championship but it wasn’t looking too good when she lost her second match to Lamona Werle (5-1) putting her in the one loss column. Kathi settled in to win against Susan Gray (5-2), then Niki Phillipi (5-3) and a rematch against Lamona (5-2). This put her up against Malynne Myers with Kathi coming out on top 5 to 3 giving both one loss and setting up a rematch for the point on the final round. Kathy took the point for the final winning 4-3 against Malynne. While this was going on Niki Phillipi had found herself battling her way back after starting out with a win, a loss and a win and a loss, with no losses left to give she beat Susan Gray 4-3 and then Lamona Werle 4-2 and then avenged her first loss of the day by beating Malynne Myers (4-2) putting her in the final against Kathi. Niki needed two wins but Kathi did not want it to go that far winning the first set 4 to 3.  

The Advanced women’s single events were both double round robins and hats off to Andrea Saenz-Maes for winning both the 9 and 8 ball divisions. The nine ball was a race to 7 and Andreas only loss was to Becky Mowdy on a hill-hill match. By the fifth round Andrea had sealed the deal putting in strong margins on the rest of the field. 8 ball was a race to 5 and was more of a battle but Andrea prevailed again with one hill-hill loss to Patty Conn of the 6 matches played.

Singles 8 Ball

The Open men’s single 8 ball was a double elimination and saw a continuation of the Mark Goodwin story as he marched his way to the point besting John Parkhurst (5-0) , Doug McMullin (5-1), Omar Gravelle (5-4), Aaron Curti (5-3), and Ernie Bristow .  At the beginning of the day Ernie started with Luke Belgin (5-0), then Larry Beck (5-1), Glen Carrido (5-0), Bruce Gojetta (5-3) before his loss to Mark. He then beat Bruce (4-3) again for a chance at Mark. But Mark was ready to put his stamp on this year’s open singles and did.

With the men’s Advanced division Frank Rocha beat Marlon Oliveras (7-1), Jeff Jerome (7-5), and Pastor Sardoncillo (7-5) to have the no loss point. Pastor started the day besting Justin Lilje (7-1), Dan Miller (7-2), Sean Gray (7-5), then sneaked by Eric Sawyer (7-6) to set up a rematch with Frank who won it 7 to 4 and making the finals with no loss. Sean Gray then fought his way through the two loss bracket [Marlon (7-5), Dan (7-1) and Eric (7-6)] to face Pastor again only to lose 7-3. This put Frank in the driver’s seat with no losses and Pastor needing 3 wins. Frank ended the drama in the first match 7 to 5 to win the day.

The women’s open 8 ball also was a triple elimination and saw Niki Phillipi walk through Cheryl Pearce (4-2), Kathi Giles (4-2), and Lamona Werle (4-2) to face one loss round finisher Susan Gray (4-1). Niki prevailed and moved to the finals round with no losses. Susan Gray started the day losing to Kathi Giles (4-1) and decided she was tired of losing matches and beat Cheryl Pearce (3-1), Kari Turvold (3-1), Kathi Giles (3-0), Lamona (3-1) until she ran into Niki. This left Susan waiting to see who would come out of the third round and that person was Kathi Giles. Kathi had started the day winning against Susan and then losing to Niki. She then beat Malynne Myers (3-1) and followed that by losing to Susan. This led Kathi back to playing Malynne (3-2) then Lamona (3-0) and the semi final against Susan (3-1). Kathi ended up winning two out of three against Susan on the day and then beating Niki three straight matches (4-3, 3-0, 3-0) to take the women’s 8 ball as well. 

Both the open team’s and women’s teams were triple elimination and kept the players busy and motivated after seeing examples set by others earlier this week. The results are:

Women’s Teams – 1st Knaw Kaw Min - Becky Mowdy, Judy Griffith, Bea Goodenough, Denise White- $700, 2nd M.A.S.K. - Andrea Saenz-Maes, Susan Gray, Kasia Wilcox, Michelle Nelson - $420

Men’s Teams – 1st Sandy Beaches - Bob Sandy, Marlon Oliveras, Mark Goodwin, Bruce Gojetta $1800

2nd Junkyard - Gary Bragg, Terry Whiteside, Larry Beck, Tim Robertson $1000

3rd Men of the People – Steve Tune, Aaron Curti, Chris Guffey, John Evans $640

4th Misfits – Justin Lilje, Brian Knapp, Ron Cook and Steve Hay $200

First I want to thank all the players who made the trek to the Beach. Next congratulations to Kathi Giles and Mark Goodwin on winning both of their respective open singles events; this is a rare achievement and to have it happen twice in the week was special. We want to thank Quinault Beach Resort & Casino for their sponsorship of the event and the staff for treating our players and our staff so well during the week of play, we really enjoyed our stay. We also want to express our deep regret at the passing of Ray “Wally” Wallace a week after the event. His presence at our events will be missed.

Scotch Open 1 Ernie Bristow/Judy Griffith - $420, 2 Terry Whiteside/ Malynne Myers- $220, 3 Omar Gravelle and Angie Meyer - $140, 4 Aaron Curti and Kari Turvold - $80

Scotch Masters 1 Larry Tulfo/SDB- $420, 2 Andrea Saenz-Maes/Sean Grey – $220.

Women’s Open 9 Ball  1st Kathi Giles-$200, 2 Niki Phillipi – 100, 3 Malynne Myers - $40

Women’s Master 9 Ball – 1st Andrea Saenz-Maes – $220, 2nd Becky Mowdy- $100

Men’s Open 9 Ball 1st Mark Goodwin- $400, 2 Bruce Gojetta - $250, 3 Jun Pagarigan- $160, 4 Aaron Curti - $100, 5/6 Gary Bragg & Glenford Carrido Jr. - $50.00

Men’s Master 9  1st Edmund Carrido - $450,2nd Justin Lilje - $270

Women’s Open 8 Ball 1 Kathi Giles- $200, 2 Niki Phillipi- $100, 3 Susan Grey- $40

Women’s Master 8 – 1 Andrea Saenz-Maes - $420, 2 Becky Mowdy- $220

Men’s Open 8 Ball 1 Mark Goodwin- $500, 2 Ernie Bristoe – $300, 3 Bruce Gojetta– $200, 4 Aaron Curti- $130, 5/6 Jun Pagarigan & John Hamilton - $ 90, 7/8 George Colon & Larry Tulfo- $70

Men’s Master 8 Ball – 1 Frank Rocha - $500, 2 Justin Lilje – $300, 3- $200.