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Pacific ACS 7th Annual Championship at Emerald Queen Casino


First I want to thank all the players for the positive comments about the venue at the Emerald Queen I-5 Casino Event Center along with all the staff of the casino and the event center that made this such a special event. All the players really appreciate how welcome they feel while being in the facility and the great food. It is truly a first class place to be.

Pacific American Cue Sports crowned 6 new champions during a week packed full of pool starting with the crap shoot that we all know the scotch open to be. The defending two time open scotch champions Eric Sawyer and Michelle Barkdoll saw themselves not surviving an onslaught of new pairings and finished out of the money. This left the rest of the field looking around to see who would be the winners.  The finals saw Molly Oliver and But (Crow) Sokvorn on the point verses Jan Aust and Gary Bragg Jr. with Molly and Crow winning in the first set of the finals. The amazing part of this really is that Jan and Gary had never played together before this event. It speaks to the general nature of scotch doubles. In the masters scotch favorites Cindy Sliva and Eddie Mataya were everybody’s target as they moved to the point. It came down to Cindy and Eddie against Misty Saldana and Marlon Oliveras in a tension filled final. The first set of the finals came down to a last shot hill/hill game with Marlon kicking at the 8 only to send it to the wrong pocket. Cindy and Eddie clinched their third Pacific ACS Masters Scotch championship in a row.

 The nine ball singles open division also had a lot of new people rise to the occasion. In the women’s open Patty Conn was on a mission and found herself playing for the point and winning it against Kathi Giles. Kathy came back after beating Kasia Wilcox, who had been sent down by Patty earlier. Patty and Kathi battled again with Patty staying focused on her game and pulling out the win. Patty’s big motivation was to win for her mentors “Tricky” Dick Megiveron and Larry “Salty Dog” Carter who both passed away last year. Patty said “I dedicate this win to them because of all that they taught me about the game of 9 ball” The men’s open was not so climactic but had three new people to our event finding themselves at the top of the heap. The point race found Dan Miller playing Aaron Curti with Dan sending Aaron down to play Steven Franco who Dan had put in the B side early in the contest. Steven had doggedly fought his way through a tough field of players to play Aaron but Aaron bested him to go back for another shot at Dan. Dan did not let up and took first place. The men’s masters 9 ball gave us some classic battles and a lot of speculation on who would bring it home. It came down to a point race between Edmund Carrido and Paul Marquez with Ed sending Paul to the B side to face Don Wirtaman. Paul wanted a rematch and got it taking the first match to hill/hill but Carrido took command in the last game and brought it home. A short field of 5 in the woman’s masters resulted in a round robin which found Cindy Sliva coming out on top and Misty Saldana taking second.

In eightball the women’s open had a bit of a surprise with much improved play from Carole Hartzell allowing her to beat Molly Oliver in the point match. Molly defeated Kasia Wilcox to set up a rematch with Carole and went on to win twice to take the women’s open. For the men’s open Steven Franco was determined to take the high road to the finals and found himself defeating Eric Sawyer for the point. Eric wanted another shot at Steven and waited while Bruce Gejetia beat Tommy Sliva to face him. Eric got his second chance but Steven was ready to fend him off and take the crown. The women’s master 8 ball saw Cindy Sliva and Deby Wilfringer playing for the point with Cindy coming out on top. Deby next played Becky Mowdy who had lost to Cindy earlier but wanted and got a second shot at Cindy. Cindy was on her game all week and completed her second trifecta at a Pacific ACS Annual Championship with wins in scotch and both women’s masters singles. The men’s masters became the battle of the Eddies with Mataya putting Carrido on the B side where he bested Don Wirtaman to get a rematch. Then the show went from good to great as Carrido was on fire and plowed through two sets to win both the singles masters events.

That set the stage for a competitive weekend of team play.  In women’s teams the point race came down to Gatekeepers (Andrea Saenz-Maes, Michelle Barkdoll, Debie Leelyn and Alisha Rogers) verses Hawk Chicks (Kit Dennis, Anne Zack, Becky Way, and Connie Carlson) in a hill/hill match the Hawk Chicks took the point. The Gatekeepers returned from a match against Knaw Kaw Min (Becky Mowdy, Judy Griffith, Jan Aust and Brandy) but could not better the Hawk Chicks in the final. The men’s team point race came down to the Sharpshooters (Jing Giloso, Brian Roberson, Bobby Hinkley and Mike Siplivy)  squaring off against the formidable Got Hustled (Eddie Carrido, But Sokvorn, Glen Carrido and Bruce Gojetia) with the Hustled crew getting the win. The Sharpshooters next opponent was Zack Attack (Bob Zack, John Evans, Aaron Curti, Russ Hodgins and Terry Erdman) who after an early loss had fought their way back prevailing in the semi final and besting Got Hustled in the final.

We want to thank all the players for making our event a memorable and fun week and look forward to next year.

Scotch Open 1st Molly Oliver/But Sokvorn - $530, 2nd Jan Aust/Gary Bragg Jr - $320, 3rd Kasia Wilcox /Owen Miller - $200, 4th Deb McDonald/Britt Merson - $140, 5-6 Marie Brenner/Terry Whiteside - $110, 5-6 Kathleen Roberts/Jay    Collins - $110

Scotch Advanced 1st Cindy Sliva/Eddie Mataya - $650, 2nd Misty Saldana/Marlon Oliveras     - $400, 3rd Margie Avlon/Don Wirtaman - $200, 4th Andrea Saenz-Maes/Frank Rocha - $120

Women’s Open 9 Ball 1st Patty Conn - $250, 2nd Kathi Giles - $140, 3rd Kasia Wilcox - $90, 4th Connie Carlson - $60, 5-6 Jan Aust - $40, 5-6 Lourdes Campbell - $40

Men’s Open 9 Ball 1st Dan Miller - $430, 2nd Aaron Curti - $280, 3rd Steven Franco - $200,

4th Owen Miller - $140, 5-6 Jay Collins - $100, 5-6 Jim Clark - $100, 7-8 Alex Lugo - $80, 7-8 Britt Merson - $80, 9-12 Edward Chastain - $60, 9-12 Brian Knapp - $60, 9-12 Eric Sawyer - $60, 9-12 Tim Underwood - $60

Women’s Advanced 9 Ball 1st Cindy Sliva - $510, 2nd Misty Saldana - $310

Men’s Advanced 9 1st Edmund Carrido -             $850, 2nd Paul Marquez - $560, 3rd Donald Wirtaman - $350, 4th Rich Geiller - $200

Men’s Open 8 Ball 1st Steven Franco - $500, 2nd Eric Sawyer - $320, 3rd Bruce Gojetia - $200, 4th Tommy Sliva - $150, 5-6 Terry Erdman - $100,  5-6 Britt Merson - $100, 7-8  Aaron Curti - $85, 7-8 CO Seaman - $85, 9-12 Bill Coats - $70, 9-12 Brian Knapp - $70, 9-12 Daniel Schwartz - $70, 9-12 Michael Siplivy - $70

Women’s Open 8 Ball 1st Molly Oliver - $300, 2nd Carol Hartzell - $200, 3rd Kasia Wilcox - $130, 4th Tamie Purtee - $80, 5-6 Kathi Giles - $60, 5-6 Debie Leelyn - $60, 7-8 Heidi Hoffman - $40, 7-8 Kathleen Roberts - $40

Women’s Advanced 8 1st Cynthia Sliva - $520, 2nd Becky Mowdy - $320, 3rd Deby Welfringer - $150

Men’s Advanced 8 Ball 1st Edmund Carrido - $850, 2nd Edward Mataya - $525, 3rd Paul Marquez - $325, 4th Donald Wirtaman - $185

Womens Teams 1st Hawk Chicks - $1200, 2nd Gatekeepers - $740, 3rd Knaw Kaw Min - $400

Mens Teams

1st Zack Attack -$2600, 2nd Got Hustled - $1500, 3rd Sharpshooters - $1000, 4th Malarky's - $  660, 5-6 Wizards - $300, 5-6 U Just Got Hustled - $300

Eddie & Cindy Third M. Sctoch But & Molly S. Open