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6th Annual Pacific ACS Championships at Emerald Queen Casino!


Pacific ACS Broke ground again with the first pool tournament held at the Emerald Queen Casino I-5 Event Center. We want to thank Emerald Queen Casino for being such great hosts I know all the players enjoyed the facilities and are looking forward to future events in Tacoma.

The action started with Scotch Doubles. In the open division Eric Sawyer and Michelle Barkdoll marched through the field to defend their title gaining the point by defeating Brian Roberson and Debie Leelyn. Brian and Debie met Owen Miller and Kasia Wilcox in the semi but failed to prevail to get a re-match. Eric and Michelle pushed on to go undefeated. For the masters the story began in the first round when Kit Dennis and Justin Lilje put defending champions Cindy Sliva and Eddie Mataya on the B side. Kit and Justin made their way to the point while Eddie and Cindy made their way to a semi against Deby Wilfringer and Don Wirtaman. The finals became a rematch of their opening match. This time Eddie and Cindy prevailed with a double win to maintain their crown.

In the men’s open 9 ball singles we saw Pete Semoe win the point putting James Boyce in the semi to face Bill Fuller. Bill and Pete met in the finals where Pete was too much to handle. The men’s open 8 ball found Owen Miller and Val Alvarado playing for the point with Val winning and facing James Gifford in the final. James had been put in the B side by Val in the 5th round and came back to beat Val twice.

For the women’s open 9 ball the point race ended with Catherine Duenas defeating Melissa Bower. Melissa found herself in the semi in a rematch with Margie Avlon whom she had put in the B side in the third round. Margie made her way to the final against Catherine and pushed through two sets to be victorious. Tricia Semoe knocked her way through the field In the women’s open 8 ball winning the point by defeating Melissa Bower. Misty Saldena had fought her way back from a first round loss to Melissa to make her way to the finals where she bested Tricia twice to win the women’s open 8 ball.

Glen Atwell held off all comers to win both the Masters 9 and 8 ball.  Scott Thurston played the point match against Glen in 9 ball coming close. In the semi Scott defeated Jonathan Hahn to return to the finals putting up a valiant battle but again came up just short.  Eddie Mataya also played for the point in the Masters 8 ball and returned to the final round after beating Pastor Sardoncillo but was un-able to stop the Atwell juggernaut in the final.

For the women’s Master 9 ball Kit Dennis sent Andrea Saenz-Maes to the semi-final in the point race. In the semi Becky Mowdy came out on top and on to the final against Kit. It came down to a hill/hill match with Kit who came out on top. In the women’s Master 8 ball singles Cindy Sliva won the point race against Becky Mowdy. In the semi’s Becky had a rematch with Kit Dennis but the point race had taken too much out of Becky and Kit advanced to the finals. Cindy was prepared to do battle and brought home the bacon.

Women’s teams found a perennial just out of the mention team coming to the forefront and winning the event. The Showboat Shooters Team  ( Bea Goodenough, Eunice Sleight, Deborah McDonald, Misty Saldana) worked their way through a batch of good teams to come out first. The mixed team event finals was battle nearly to the wire with the Malarkey’ team coming out in front.

We look forward to our next event at the Emerald Queen in March and want to thank the all of the staff and security for all the consideration and helpfulness we received in making the event a success.


Open Scotch 1st  Sawyer/Barkdoll $400; 2nd Miller/Wilcox $300; 3rd Roberson/Leelyn $200; 4th Payne/Wampach $120; Siplivy/Avlon $75; Fuller/Giles $75.

Master Scotch 1st Mataya/Sliva $650; 2nd Lilje/Dennis $400; 3rd Wirtaman/Welfringer $200; 4th Peterson/McDonald $120.

Men’s Master 8 Ball 1st Glen Atwell $850; 2nd Eddie Mataya $525; Pastor Sardoncillo Jr $320; Justin Lilje $185

Men’s Master 9 Ball 1st Glen Atwell $850; 2nd Scott Thurston $500; 3rd Jonathan Hahn $320; 4th Don Wirtaman $170

Women’s Master 8 Ball 1st Cindy Sliva $500; 2nd Kit Dennis $300; 3rd Becky Mowdy $140

Women’s Master 9 Ball 1st Kit Dennis $; 2nd Becky Mowdy $; 3rd Andrea Saenz-Maes $

Men’s Open 8 Ball 1st James Gifford $500; 2nd Val Alvarado $320; 3rd Owen Miller $200; 4th Wynn Palmerton $150; 5th– 6th Doug McMullin and Jeff Baker $100; 7th-8th Paul Johnson and Pete Semoe $80; 9th-12th Bob Sandy, Gary Bragg, Mike Siplivy and Joe Tamura $60; 13th-16th Dave Short, Bob Prouty, Roy Chevalier and Eric Sawyer $50.

Men’s Open 9 Ball 1st Pete Semoe $430; 2nd Bill Fuller $280; 3rd James Boyce $190; 4th Mike Deveau $140; 5th– 6th Joe Tamura and Jose Aquino $100; 7th– 8th Owen Miller and James Gifford $80; 9th-12th Eric Sawyer, James Clifford, Bob Prouty and Mike White $60; 13th-16th Alex Lugo, Dave Shortt, Hector Acosta and Val Alvarado $40.

Women’s Open 8 Ball 1st Misty Saldana $300; 2nd Tricia Semoe $210; Melissa Bower $140; 4th Margie Avlon $90, 5th-6th Catherine Duenas and Leda Chandler $60; 7th-8th Kathi Giles and Jan Aust $40

Women’s Open 9 Ball 1st Margie Avlon $260; 2nd Catherine Duenas $150; 3rd Melissa Bower $100; 4th Leda Chandler $70; 5th-6th Jan Aust and Nancy Kennedy $50.

 Women’s Teams 1st – Showboat Shooters –Deb McDonald Misty, Saldana, Bea Goodenough, and Eunice Sleight  $1120; 2nd-  Gatekeepers – Andrea Saenz-Maes, Michelle Barkdoll, Debie Leelyn, Margie Avlon $700; 3rd - Ol’Tima Tavern- Judy Griffith, Becky Mowdy, Jan Aust, Carrie Martin. $400

 Mixed Teams 1st - Malarkey’s- Eddie Mataya, Bobby Campbell, Jeff Baker, and Tommy Sliva $2,600; 2nd – Sandy Beaches – Bob Sandy, Val Alvarado, Steve Nelson, James Clifford $1,500; 3rd – Makers - Doug McMullin, Ernie Bristow, Bill Fuller, and Justin Lilje $1,000; 4th –  Nitehawk - $660; 5th– 6th Perfect Strangers and Kamakazees $400; 7th -8th – Good to Hook and La Cabania Los Tiburons $200.

Master 8 & 9