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Under the Lights at Little Creek.


The 5th Annual Pacific ACS Regional Championships Grows

 Little Creek Casino has shown itself as the best venue for large scale pool events in the northwest by going the extra mile and making the use of table lighting possible. We thank them greatly for their continued support of our organization and the sport.

Washington states biggest amatuer tournament just got bigger with a +40% increase in participation this year.The unexpected increase in participation made for a tight schedule and very busy days. With over $15,000 added money and total prizes of over $31,000 the competition was hot and heavy.

The scotch doubles open event was dominated by the pairing of one half of last years winners, Eric Sawyer with the other half of the last years second place team Michelle Barkdoll. Michelles comment … “if you can’t beat’em join’em.”  Eric felt that they both traded off from match to match as to who made the difference in their no loss streak which was a “battle” to the end. The masters scotch event found Don Collins and Melinda Childers on the point waiting for Eddie Mataya and Cindy Sliva to come back for a re-match of the point race with Eddie and Cindy coming out on top in the final.

In the women’s open 9 ball seasoned player Kim (you may remember her as Kim Siger) Toops marched through the winner’s side to a point race with Ann Brandt. The finals match with up and comer Debie Leelyn ended in a hill/hill match with Kim remaining undefeated. The women’s master 9 ball ended with Cindy Sliva winning the point race against Brenda Bartholomew to face Wendy Sedlacek in the final. Cindy continued her dominance to collect her second first place of the event. The men’s open 9 ball saw Jing Gicoso vs Larry Maes playing for the point with Jing being the victor. Larry faced off against Robert Niemeyer to challenge Jing again but Robert prevailed. Jing triumphed in the final to go undefeated. The men’s master 9 ball saw the return of Bob Zack after a one year layoff from our event. Bob won the point from Justin Lilje and Justin return to the finals after facing Eddie Mataya but did not have it to defeat Bob.

Linda Segraves fought her way through a field of 40 women’s open players to win the point race against Mary Cleaver. Liz Vosberg returned after a 4th round loss to Linda to play her in the finals but Linda was not to be denied.  Andrea Saenz-Maes returned from the point match loss against tournament phenom Cindy Sliva to be crowned the women’s masters 8 ball champion.  The mens open 8 Ball was taken in a no loss run by Scott Thurston. The point race for the men’s master 8 ball came down to Ken Bower and Frank Rocha with Frank winning. This set up a rematch for Ken with Don Wirtamen. Don bested Ken and went on to defeat Frank in the first round and Frank found focus to hold on and win a finals battle.

Also, congradulations to our standard division women’s champion Adrienne Myers and runner up Julie Hecker.

In general, the total quality of play of the teams increased greatly this year in both the mixed and womens events.  Many of the later matches were hill/hill. The women’s team point race came down to I Got Lucky winning against Knaw-Kaw-Min who had to face B-Beep again but this time they could not  hold out. B-Beep went on to batttle I Got Lucky in the finals but could not force another round. The mixed team event saw Malarkey’s face off against Team Runout for the point but Malarkey’s was sent to the other side of the board for a re-match against Brauer et al. Brauer et al went on to playTeam Runout in the finals who claimed the championship.

As our members already know the Little Creek Casino is a great place to visit and a fabulous place to play pool. We are already planning on how to make next year’s event better and look forward to an even bigger turn out. Talk to an ACS league operator so you can be there next year too!


Andrea M 8 & cindy M 9