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Pacific ACS 4th Annual Regional Championships

The Pacific ACS Annual Championships has found a home in its second year at Little Creek Casino in Shelton Washington. The beautiful facilities, great food, friendly staff and fun competitors made for a great week of pool and memories for all to take home.  We were pleased to be visited by John Lewis the ACS National Executive Director and thank him for his help with the tournament it was greatly appreciated. Also Don “Cheese” Akerlow brought the OTBnTV cameras to Little Creek so many of the finals matches are available at www.onthebreaknews.com along with pictures and an interview with John Lewis.

As usual the scotch doubles events tend to give the biggest surprises and the open scotch delivered them as the team of Eric Sawyer and Carol Hartsell of nearby Olympia captured the open scotch title. I am sure that it was the last thing on their minds going into the event that they would win but as play went on a definite buzz began.  The point match was Eric and Carol against Mike Deveau and his partner Michelle Barkdoll playing out of Malarkey’s in Tacoma. It was a pitch battle for the point with Eric and Carol coming out on top.  Then Mike and Michelle faced Jan Aust and John Evans to fight their way to a re-match. Carol and Eric were ready for them and played a near perfect match drawing the biggest cheer of the week as a group of local fans had come to root for them.

The masters scotch event brought together Andrea Saenz-Maes with Glenn Atwell on the point against Kit Dennis and Justin Lilje. Glenn and Andrea were large and in charge and came away with a 7-3 first round victory for the title.

Kudos to Glenn Atwell who continued to prove that his game is back by winning both the masters single 9 and 8 ball events in a deliberate and methodical manner, giving him a triple play and a sweep of the events he entered. Both of the finals were with Don Wirtaman you can see the 9 ball finals against Don  and the scotch finals against Justin Lilje and Kit Dennis on the web at www.onthebreaknews.com.

The men’s open 8 ball brought together two men, both of whom suffered with physical adversity to play the games of their lives, Herb Johnson of Vancouver and Todd Ruzicka of Olympia.  The fact that these men played at all was a testament to their desire to win and in a way it was sad that only one could win the title. Todd had the point and was the one who prevailed. He admitted that it was the best he has ever played and hoped to gain a lesson from this for future play.

The women’s 8 ball open point match was a made for the movies event as the Bartholomew’s met on the felt with mom Jean facing off against daughter Brenda. The internal emotions of this match must have been tough as both wanted the win and both were on their game. The end result was Brenda on the point. Jean then faced off against Malynne Myer but the fairytale hope of a rematch was not to be as Malynne took charge. The finals match came down to a battle as Malynne lead the way in a pitch battle to a hill-hill game with Brenda pulling it out in end (view it on the web).

The Women’s 9 ball open came down to Wendy Sedlacek on the point and Dolly Martell with Dolly coming close to forcing a second set. The women’s master 8 ball was dominated by the play of Becky Mowdy and the women’s master 9 ball was the domain of Andrea Saenz-Maes with Kit Dennis placing in both events.

Women’s Teams finals came down to the Gate Keepers of Tacoma comprised of Andrea Saenz-Maes, Michelle Barkdoll, Wendy Sedlacek and Susan Grey holding the point versus “Ditzy Demented & Dangerous” made up of Jean and Brenda Bartholomew, Sherrie Griffen, and Adele Evans. The Gate Keepers pulled out the win and teammates crediting Susan’s perfect performance in the finals for the victory.

In the finals match of the Mixed Teams coming from the B side was Hannah’s Pub of Olympia; comprised of Todd Ruzicka, Larry Tulfo, Bill Coats, Heidi Hoffman and Jay Collins facing off with Lights Out of Vancouver consisting of Steve Myers, Scott Woolley, Chad Visconner, Steve Polito, and Don Collins. The match came down to the last game and the Lights Out team pulling out the win. You can also view a portion of this match at OTBnTV.

Finally we would like to thank Little Creek Casino for the facilities and their contribution to the added money which topped $14,500 which brought the total pay out to over $25,000 making this the richest pool event in Washington.


Masters Scotch 1st Glenn Atwell/Andrea Saenz-Maes $600,2nd Justin Lilje/Kit Dennis $400, 3rd Jay Collins/Faye Fang $250, 4th Brian Gilman/Clara Silvas $120, of 9.        

Open Scotch 8 Ball [26 entries] 1st Eric Sawyer/Carol Hartsell $500, 2nd Mike Deveau/Michelle Barkdoll $350, 3rd Jan Aust/John Evans $260, 4th Kathie Gilcher/Jack Lowrey $180, 5/6thB            Marie Brenner/Tim Underwood and Kathy Price/Glen Trusty $130, 7/8th Becky Colon/Doug McMullin and Melinda Childers/Chuck Rhodes $80

Men’s Master 9 Ball 1st Glenn Atwell $750, 2nd Don Wirtaman $450, 3rd Jonathan Hahn $300, 4th Justin Lilje $200 of 10                                                       

Women’s Master 9  1st Andrea Saenz-Maes $600, 2nd Kit Dennis $350, 3rd Melinda Childers $20 of 7.

Men’s Open 9 Ball [52 entries]  1st Scott Woolley $580, 2nd Steve Myers $400, 3rd Bill Coats $250, 4th Larry Tulfo $150, 5/6th Bill Fuller and Terry Whiteside $100, 7/8th Jack Rubino and Herb Johnson $80, 9/12th Rick Wirkkala, Mike Gwinn, John Evans, Bill Mildenberger    $60.       

Women’s Open 9 Ball 25 entries 1st Wendy Sedlacek $350, 2nd Dolly Martell $230, 3rd Kathy Giles $150, 4th Jan Aust $100, 5/6th`Donna Tanner and Kathie Gilcher $60, 7/8th Kathy Price and Jean Bartholomew $40

Men’s Master 8 Ball   [10 entries]1st Glenn Atwell $750, 2nd Don Wirtaman $450, 3rd Bryan Skinner $300, 4th Steve Peterson $200.

Women’s Master 8 Ball 1st Becky Mowdy $600, 2nd Kit Dennis $350, 3rd Sherry Griffin $200 of 7

Men’s Open 8 Ball [66 entries] 1st Todd Ruzicka $650, 2nd Herb Johnson $425, 3rd Dave Shortt $265, 4th Scott Woolley $180, 5/6th John Hamilton, Steve Myers $135, 7/8th Gary Bragg, Dwight Seagraves         $100; 9/12th         Rick Wirkkala, Bill Coats, Mike Lambert, Eric Sawyer $75, 13/16th Joe Parkinson, John Skiba, William Rose, Mike Deveau $50.

Women’s Open 8 Ball  [28 entries] 1st Brenda Bartholomew $350, 2nd Malynne Myers $230, 3rd Jean Bartholomew $160, 4th Jan Aust $110 5/6th Liz Vosberg, Leda Chandler $80, 7/8th Naomi Cannard, Cathy Price $60.

Women’s Standard  1st Helen Hahn $100, 2nd Liz Green $50 of 5

Mixed Team 8 Ball [24 entries] 1st Lights Out Vancouver                $2500, Steve Myers, Scott Woolley, Don Collins, Steve Pulido, Chad Bisconer; 2nd Hannah’s Olympia $1400 Larry Tulfo, Todd Ruzicka, Heidi Hoffman, Bill Coats, Jay Collins; 3rd Rack-em Vancouver $920 Joe Parkison, Omar Gravelle, Jerry Dinsmore and Dave Shortt; 4th Kleen Slate Portland $620; 5/6th Team Vancouver Vancouver and Four Amigos Portland $400.

Women’s Team 8 Ball [12 entries] 1st Gate Keepers Tacoma $1400 Andrea Saenz-Maes, Wendy Sedlacek, Michelle Barkdoll, Susan Grey; 2nd Ditzy Demented & Dangerous Oregon City $900 Jean Bartholomew, Brenda Bartholomew, Adele Evans, and Sherrie Griffin; 3rd Ol Tima WIB Longview $540 Becky Mowdy, Judy Griffith, Linda Segraves, and Carrie Martin; 4th Ferrule Cats Longview $300.